Light and atmospheres in the architecture of Ateliê António Carneiro, Museu do Porto – Ateliê António Carneiro

October 26
Light and atmospheres in the architecture of Atelier António Carneiro
14:30 – 16:30
Nr of participants: 25
Accessibility for wheelchair users: NO

The Ateliê António Carneiro was built in the 1920s as a studio for the artists António Carneiro (1872-1930) and his son Carlos Carneiro (1900-1971), outstanding figures of Portuguese art, in particular in the Symbolist and Modernist contexts, respectively. António Carneiro’s other son, the composer Cláudio Carneyro (1895-1963) also lived here. 

The collection of the Ateliê António Carneiro consists of about 300 works by the artist, including the following: the final study for “A Vida” (The Life), a work made at the turn of the 20th century; the large painting, “Camões reading the Lusiads to the friars of São Domingos”, the self-portraits and a set of family portraits, as well as marine paintings, church interiors and panoramic views of the city of Porto. 
Closed to the public several years ago, it is currently undergoing an architectural rehabilitation project, overseen by the architect Camilo Rebelo, that aims to recover the original design and use of this project, which was built in the 1920s. This project includes on the one hand two painting studios, as central spaces, and, on the other, the endowment of programmatic and technical characteristics that enable the space to be opened to the public again. 
The intervention highlights and emphasises three themes: recovering and enhancing the traditional typology of the painting studio lit by northern light (that today is practically non-existent in Portugal); and the original articulation with the contiguous gallery, endowing the city with a unique type of space; the replacement of the relationship between the interior spaces and the adjacent exterior spaces, in particular the private ones – the north patio, the south balcony/terrace, and the property’s garden – and the public ones – the street and the pavement as a space for access and planting of occasional trees.


How to get there

R. de António Carneiro 363, 4300-025 Porto, Portugal

From the Bus stop Palácio 
Last stop Campo 24 de Agosto
Walk 7 minutes
Total Circa 30 minutes

From the Bus stop Palácio 
Last stop Heroismo
Walk 6 minutes
Total 30 minutes

Walking (from Palácio de Cristal)
45 minutes