ICAMT – ICOM International Committee for Architecture and Museum Techniques


Transdisciplinary Research Centre «Culture, Space And Memory», Faculty Of Arts And Humanities Of University of Porto (CITCEM-FLUP)


Center For Studies In Architecture And Urbanism, Faculty Of Architecture Of University Of Porto (CEAU-FAUP)

General coordination by Alice Semedo (CITCEM-FLUP), Elisa Noronha (CITCEM-FLUP) Marta Rocha (CEAU-FAUP), and Manuel Furtado Mendes (ULHT-Lisboa).

Executive Coordination
Cláudia Garradas (CITCEM-FLUP)
Fabiana Dicuonzo (CITCEM-FLUP)
Laura Pinheiro (FLUP)
Louise Palma (CITCEM-FLUP)
Sofia Carvalho (CITCEM-FLUP)

Catarina Carvalho (CITCEM-FLUP)